Në M&Sillosi, vizioni ynë është që të jemi të njohur në vend por edhe në Evropë nga konsumatorët, komunitetet dhe njerëzit. Ne gjithmonë e bëjmë të pamundurën për t’u ofruar vlerat më të larta të produkteve dhe prodhimit të M&Sillosit..


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M & Sillosi in the service of professional advancement of students and academic staff of UMIB

The flour production factory "M & Sillosi" in Xërxë will offer at the disposal of students and academic staff of the Faculty of Food Technology (FTU) at the University of Mitrovica "Isa Boletini" (UMIB), all the capacities it has in the service of advancing their professional. In order to concretize areas of mutual interest, on Thursday a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Rector of UMIB, prof.dr. Alush Musaj and the executive director of M & Sillosi, Naser Pavata.

Rector Musaj, who during the visit to this factory was accompanied by the official of the Center for Career Development, Alban Fazliu, thanked the director Pavata for the opportunities he has offered to the students and the academic staff of FTU. "The success of M @ Sillos in the Kosovar market will definitely translate into success for our students, who will conduct their scientific research in this factory," said the rector.

While the director Pavata, praised the readiness of the leaders of UMIB to create cooperation relations with various companies for the benefit of students. "We are available to your students and academic staff, for all their research projects, offering our experience and technology," he said.

It was emphasized that the purpose of this cooperation is to support and coordinate activities between the two parties, promoting joint efforts in the field of advancing issues of mutual interest. In this context, activities for the affirmation of current issues in the field of advancing academic and professional life will be coordinated.

Among the key points provided under the agreement are cooperation in the development of various modules and study programs, cooperation and technical assistance provided to students in the implementation of seminar papers and diplomas at all levels of study which dealing with technical issues of M & Sillosi or the solution of certain practical problems etc.