At M & Sillosi, our vision is to be recognized locally but also in Europe by consumers, communities and people. We always do our best to offer the highest value of M & Silos products.


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M & Sillosi is an international supplier and largest producer of high quality wheat flour in the region. Currently, M & Sillosi has over 150 employees who are committed to meeting unique customer needs. The daily processing capacity of wheat is 600 tons of which flour is produced to the highest ISO and HACCP standards including the world's highest food safety standard FSSC 22000, IFS and BRC.

M & Sillosi leads the Kosovo market with wholesale and retail supply of flour as well as most bakeries. In addition to domestic sales in Kosovo, as a leading producer of wheat flour in the region, M & Sillosi currently exports to various countries in the region and worldwide.

M & Sillosi is continuously contributing to the development of wheat production in Kosovo by collaborating with approximately 15,000 individual wheat producers.

M & Sillosi does not only consider Kosovo wheat as a raw material for flour production but treats Kosovo wheat as a strategic product for the wellbeing and food safety of all Kosovo citizens both in terms of quantitative and quality assurance. . Therefore, in this regard M & Sillosi constantly offers, promotes and invests regularly in improving the conditions for wheat cultivation and advancing the position of the farmer in Kosovo.


Our mission is to focus on understanding our customers' flour needs. Provide expertise in human capital, innovation and technology resources to create and produce products of the highest international standards.


Our vision is to be recognized by our customers at home and abroad as a company that offers the highest value of M & Silos products and products

Social Responsibility

M & Sillosi, we strive to achieve high standards of social responsibility. Moreover, we have always believed and believe in the importance of building a large, sustainable company with diverse innovative products and services that ensure well-being for all.

Certifications and agreements

M&Sillosi and FDA (USA)

M & Sillosi has managed to register with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to export flour to the United States of America (US) in accordance with the US Federal Food and Drug Act.

M&Sillosi and KFC (USA)

M & Sillosi has developed relationships with Chicken Fried FKentucky (KFC). The condition for this cooperation has been the fulfillment of all the standards necessary to enter the YUM system! worldwide network. The standards required to join this network are: Certification with the FSCC 22000 Food Safety System (certification scheme for food and safety systems including ISO 22000: 2005, ISO / TS 22002-1: 2009 and additional requirements FSSC 22000. Also , specific flour tests were performed until the specification required by the YUM standard was achieved;

M&Sillosi and YUM

M & Sillosi is a registered and approved supplier of the "YUM Supplier Tracking and Recognition (Starnet) system, a unique tool that facilitates the management of relationships between YUM brands, suppliers and auditors for YUM! Restaurant Services Group. YUM worldwide, operates TacoBell, KFC, Pizza Hut and WingStreet brands;

M&Sillosi Export to EU

M & Sillosi also exports its products to several other countries on the basis of these certifications, including but not limited to: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Albania and Montenegro;

M & Sillosi supplies the UN mission

M & Sillosi supplies flour to UN Mission Minusca, Bangui, Central African Republic, UN Mission Minusma;

M & Sillosi Certified with FSSC 22000

M & Sillosi has achieved Certification under the Food Safety System (FSSC 22000) in the category of "processing in a stable environment" by TÜV NORD which is the world leader in testing and certification of products and systems and is accredited from the German DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle);

M & Sillosi Certified with IFS

M & Sillosi has attained International Featured Standard (IFS) Certification in the category "Wheat Products, Cereals, Industrial Oven and Pastry" for some uses and safe use of wheat flour in paper bags "also by TÜV NORD who is the world leader in testing and certification of products and systems and is accredited by German DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle);

M & Sillosi Certified with BRC

Certification to the International Standard for Food Safety (BRC) , in the category of “Products to be dried, and the content of their own, from the preparation of the wheat and the packing of them is also from the TÜV NORD , which is a world leader in the testing and certification of products and systems, and has been accredited by DAkkS, the German (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle);

M & Sillosi and DAK

The MS Laboratory is accredited according to the ISO standard 17025 as the Laboratory Testing of wheat, flour, and krundeve. Accreditation is carried out by the General Directorate of Accreditation of Kosovo (DAK). The General directorate of Accreditation of Kosovo (DAK) is the sole Body for the National Accreditation, recognized by the law, in order to assess the compliance with international standards technical competence of the Bodies of Conformity Assessment.