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M & Sillosi is the international supplier and largest producer in the region of high quality wheat flour. Currently, M & Sillosi has over 150 employees who are committed to meeting the unique needs of customers. The daily grain processing capacity is 600 tons from which flour is produced according to the highest ISO and HACCP standards including the world highest food safety standard FSSC 22000, IFS and BRC.

M & Sillosi leads the Kosovo market with wholesale and retail flour supplies as well as most bakeries. In addition to domestic sales in Kosovo, as the leading producer of wheat flour in the region, M & Sillosi currently exports to various countries in the region and the world. M & Sillosi is continuously contributing to the development of wheat production in Kosovo by cooperating with about 15,000 individual wheat producers.

M & Sillosi does not consider Kosovo wheat only as a raw material for flour production but treats Kosovo wheat as a strategic product for the well-being and food security of all citizens of Kosovo in terms of quantitative security as well as quality assurance . Therefore, in this aspect M & Sillosi continuously offers, promotes and invests regularly in improving the conditions for wheat cultivation and advancing the position of farmer in Kosovo.


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Our mission is to focus on understanding the flour needs of our customers. Providing expertise in human capital, innovation and technology resources to create and produce products with the highest international standards.



Our vision is to be recognized by customers at home and abroad as a company that offers the highest values of M & Sillos products and production.


Social Responsibility

We strive to achieve high standards of social responsibility. Moreover, we have always believed and believe in the importance of building a large and sustainable company with various innovative products and services that ensure well-being for all.

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"Everything has a different taste when prepared with Finnesa flour ❤"


“ Gatuaj shëndetshem me miellin Integral nga Finnesa🎀 ”


Ne ofrojmë diçka ndryshe për klientëtdhe sigurojmë që të shijoni një përvojë të paharrueshme çdo herë.


Ne ofrojmë diçka ndryshe për klientëtdhe sigurojmë që të shijoni një përvojë të paharrueshme çdo herë.